Simh-The State of Calm
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Release Date- February 3rd, 2023



Freumhan Falaichte - Hidden Roots
All the songs - words and melodies are composed by Gillebride.

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Release Date- Sept. 14th, 2018

The single Baile nam brd is available a digital download


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1. Dol do dh'Uibhist
2. Puirt-a-Beul 
3. Tearlach mac Sheumais
4. Oran nan Giomach 
5. An teid thu leam a ribhinn lurach 
An Taillear Mor 
7. Oran Eile air Uibhist 
8. Iain Mac 'Ic Fhionghainn 
9. Tha m' inntinn trom 's cha tog leam fonn 
10. B' annsa Cadal air Fraoch 
11. Forladh Alasdair Bhain 
12. Mo nighean donn 's toil leam thu 
13. Shealgair nan sealg / 'S mor mo shunnd 
14. Gaoth Tuath.


Air Frladh / On Leave
A collection of songs with family connections and others from Uist tradition.
Gillebrde's brother and sister join him singing backing vocals.

The track Norland Wind is a translation by Mairi Kidd and Kirsty MacDonald of a poem written by Violet Jacobs in the Angus dialect of Scots. Jim Reid set it to music.

Gillebrde MacMillan (vocals) with Fred Morrison (whistle, small pipes, reel pipes), Deirdre Morrison (fiddle), Ewan MacPherson (guitar), Steve Byrne (bouzouki), Mairi Hall (piano), Rachel Hair (clarsach), Mary MacMillan and Niall MacMillan (vocals), and Martin O'Neill (bodhran).

1. An Cluinn Thu Mo Nighean Donn 
2. Mi'm Shuidhe M' Omar 
3. Oran Dhan Eidendh Gaidealach 
4. Puirt-a-beul 
5. Calum A Ghlinne 
6. Marbhrann Do Mhrs, Noble 
7. Mo Nighean Dubb 
8. Buth Dhomhnaill 'Ic Levid 
9. Moladh Uibhist 
10. Oran Do Phrionnsa Tearlach 
11. Urnaigh Naomh Francis 
12. Turas Dhomhsa Chon Na Galldachd 
13. A Chailin Mheall Thu Mi 
14. Puirt-a-beul 
15. Dh' Fhalbb Mo Blean Chomainn 


Thogainn Ort Fonn / 
I'd Sing You a Song

Here Gillebrde Macmillan presents a selection with a strong Uist bias, ranging from the songs of Bird Baile or village poets, to those of the better known songwriters from the islands.

He is accompanied by Mary Ann Kennedy, Aaron Jones, Allan Henderson, Rachel Walker, Angus MacPhail, James Graham and his sister, Mairi.

I still vividly remember the day that I decided that I wanted to start singing again. I had sung as a child and after winning both main prizes for children at the Royal National Mod in Dingwall I decided to retire for a while. I had not sung in public since I was 13, and I was 21 when my desire to sing returned. I had just returned home from university and on the radio was the Mod Traditional Gold Medal Final. It was the infamous Skye md when the awful weather meant that the final had to be delayed. That very day, listening to the radio, I felt that I wanted to be involved in such a thing. A couple of weeks later, I phoned Ishabel T. MacDonald to ask if she would teach me songs. I can say that really, since that day that I have been learning songs and enjoying my singing. For the 7 years that Ive been singing as an adult Ive been lucky enough to sing in many countries and places. (Gillebrde Macmillan)

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